Venice, Italy: The City of Love

Venice Italy Venezia City of Love at night

Here's a shot from Venice, Italy using Bulb mode and a looong exposure. There were many people walking by the water front.
Love in camera tricks.


Winter or Spring?

Snow FlowerSnow Flower

Yesterday it was flip flops, today snow boots.



Travels & Orchids

Here is a favorite shot taken during a recent trip to Costa Rica. This is either the largest finger in the world, or the tiniest orchid in the world... you decide.

World's Smallest Orchid Monteverde Costa RicaWorld's Smallest Orchid Monteverde Costa Rica

World's Smallest Orchid Monteverde Costa RicaWorld's Smallest Orchid Monteverde Costa Rica
No Photoshop, just nature being amazing!


Monument Valley and Moab, Utah

Here are some shots from a recent trip to Utah. If you ever get a chance definitely check out Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. It is so vast, like walking amongst huge dinosaurs of rocks.

Agatha Peak Northern Arizona

Pretty sure a wizard lives on top of this rock, scepter in hand.

Monument Valley Arizona Highway

Monument Valley Arizona

Northern Arizona Navajo Abandoned Building Graffiti

Monument Valley was definitely worth seeing, but in a way it was disappointing. It's a sacred site for the Navajo's so you can't get very close to anything. The Navajo's live there, so dealing with all the rules of where you can and can't go was annoying, plus a pack of wild dogs chased our truck forever before we finally could speed up fast enough to leave them behind. Arches National Park was way better, you could climb on the rocks if you wanted to.

Moab Utah Arches National Park Red Rocks

Moab Utah Arches National Park Red Rocks

Moab Utah Sunrise

Moab Utah Sunrise

a beautiful sunrise, Moab is surrounded by mountains and rock formations, so there was a panorama of different colors everywhere you looked

Utah Mountain Storm

North Arizona Americana

rain storm on the way home


Smashing Magazine, thank you!

We designed desktop wallpapers using one of our favorite photos taken this year, "Myriad of Stars," for Smashing Magazine's November Contest and were featured.

Smashing Magazine Wallpaper Myriad of Stars

Check out the other great submissions, and download your favorite at: Smashing Magazine's Wallpaper Calendar: November 2010



Just put the finishing touches on a new site for hot, Latin fusion artist Nuriya:

NURIYA music website

Her full length album "Tanita" is due out next month. Once it's released there will be options to download and purchase her music.

Check her out!