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Besides having a thriving career as a hair & make-up artist, Ann Luchsinger is also a fashion photographer and the Creative Director of Select Model Management. She cannot go through a day without making it more beautiful; her energy and passion are infectious. It's no wonder she's so
in demand!

Ann's old site was in need of a facelift. It had been so long since she had updated any images. So knowing how important it is in the fashion industry to have fresh content consistently, we set up a new, custom Squarespace site that she can easily update and manage herself.

After shooting for many years for the modeling agency, Ann decided that it was time to take herself seriously as a photographer. Her instructions for her site were "make it high-fashion, but in Cowboy boots, just like me!" We delivered a modern site with a touch of grunge. Pretty grunge, of course. After the launch of her photography website, she landed a gig shooting advertisements for a contemporary local boutique.

Client Feedback

"Thanks to Myriad Advertising, I feel like I have finally ARRIVED in the business! Myriad's ability to boil all my wants and needs down to a vision and delivery that are "SPOT ON" has been a God-send!

Patient listening and interest to who and what I am all about..... that made me feel like I had all their attention to all the details.... it is something so personal... 

When I look at  my sites...I think WOW .... that is a great site.. ... I almost forget they are mine! I love how they look and I am getting lots of  interest from all over
the country! 

Now that is the power of great websites!

In addition to all that... I have developed a personal friendship that supersedes everything! It doesn't get any better
than that!

Thank you Myriad!

-Ann Luchsinger
Hair & Make-up Artist, Photographer


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